Former Congressman Raúl Labrador will become Idaho’s next Attorney General (AG) after a decisive victory. Labrador, who co-founded the U.S. House of Representative’s Freedom Caucus, is a well-known advocate for liberty and the rule of law and will now take that approach to the AG’s office.

“I’ve followed Raúl Labrador for years and know that his demeanor and approach is exactly what Idaho needs in the AG’s office to push back against the Biden Administration’s unlawful actions,” said RAGA Chairman South Carolina AG Alan Wilson. “With a federal government that has no respect for individual states or personal liberties, we’re lucky to have people like Raúl Labrador give up private life and join the Republican AG firewall against the egregious Constitutional violations coming out of Washington, D.C.”

“There’s no secret about where Raúl Labrador stands on the most crucial issues facing our nation,” said RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee. “We don’t have to look any further than his voting record and public statements to see that he has taken on liberal special interests and politicians to protect the Constitution, grow the economy, and promote public safety. I have no doubt he will continue this zealous advocacy when he becomes AG.”