Kentucky has a new Republican Attorney General, Russell Coleman. Despite strong headwinds, the Republican Attorneys General Association was able to help propel AG-elect Coleman to victory with a six-figure investment.

“The choice for Kentucky Attorney General was clear,” said RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee. “Voters selected a proven conservative who will protect Kentucky from the lawlessness brought on by the soft-on-crime, big-government policies of liberal Democrats. The Constitution and rule of law will be central to AG-elect Coleman’s decision making, ensuring continuity and stability will prevail.”

AG-elect Coleman’s victory solidifies Republican control of the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General for another four years.

“The RAGA Executive Committee endorsed Russell Coleman during the primary election because we knew his message of building safer communities and defending conservative values would resonate with Kentucky voters,” said RAGA Chairman Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall. “AG-elect Coleman’s proven experience as a federal prosecutor will serve him well as he confronts the drug epidemic in Kentucky neighborhoods and the Biden Administration in Kentucky courts.”