After serving as a Colonel, Congressman, United States Attorney, and Arkansas Lieutenant Governor, Tim Griffin will now assume a new role: Arkansas Attorney General (AG). Griffin defeated his Democrat opponent to become Arkansas’ top lawyer and law enforcement officer.

“Arkansas is incredibly fortunate to have a man of Tim Griffin’s experience serving as AG,” said RAGA Chairman and South Carolina AG Alan Wilson. “I have no doubt that the Office of the Arkansas AG will be fully operational on Griffin’s first day in office, and he will get to work implementing his ‘Plan for a Safer Arkansas’ and fighting the Biden Administration’s liberal agenda in court straight away.”

“With such a long resume of public service, Griffin has the experience to immediately contribute to multi-state legal efforts that will protect Arkansas from the Administrative State,” said RAGA Executive Director Peter Bisbee. “The federal government continually attempts to subvert Arkansas’ authority to set its own policy priorities and violates the Constitution. AG-elect Griffin will battle the Biden Administration at every turn and defend the rule of law.”